STICK IT Anchor Pin

When fishing the shallow marshes and coastlines of Texas it is very rare that I find myself in need of an anchor. I do however find that I need to stop the kayak from time to time to avoid spooking fish or to be sure that I have thoroughly worked a promising area. Most of the time I can accomplish this by simply hanging a foot over the edge of the boat and anchoring it in the mud. But this is not always possible when the tide is up nor is it plausible when there are many jellyfish and stingrays present.

For these situations I would like to introduce you to the STICK IT Anchor Pin. I know there are plenty of stake out sticks on the market and you are probably wondering what makes this one so special. The first things that sets this one apart from all of the others is my personal experience with it. I have stuck, wedged, lodged, and pried my way through several interesting situation with the STICK IT and it still looks as good as the day I bought it.

The entire thing is comprised of 5/8” solid reinforced polyester resin which brings me to the second reason I really like this product. It will never rust out and you will never have any maintenance concerns. I give it a quick fresh water rinse when I get it home, mostly just to get the mud off, and hang it back in the garage. The kayak anchor pin system comes with a 5 ½’ long STICK IT, floating adjustable lanyard, and attachment hardware for both the anchor pin and your kayak.

My third favorite thing about the STICK IT is value for my dollar. At a price point of $49.99 (Bass Pro Shop) this little setup should fit in almost anyone’s budget and will last you long enough you will forget what you paid for it. Trust me, if you are someone who uses or has considered using a stake out stick you can’t go wrong with STICK IT Anchor Pins.

Clicking on the pictures below will take you to the STICK IT Anchor Pins website where you can get more info on this great product!

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