Over spring break my loving wife gave me a little time away from the house and I decided to do what any self-respecting outdoorsman would do. . .I got outdoors. I spent the first weekend of my break taking a few buddies fishing on an overnight trip to Matagorda and then somehow managed another quick trip mid-week before the Houston Fishing Show got kicked off. The remainder of my break was spent with the good folks over at FTU talking about fishing and trying to help a few guys make the best decision of their fishing life and paddle a Wilderness Systems kayak!

3 Wildy Yaks (mod)
5 O’Clock Somehwere (mod)

I took off a little early from work on the first Friday of the break, loaded up of my gear, which on this particular trip consisted of three kayaks, and headed down to East Matty. I arrived around 3 in the afternoon, checked in at the Fisherman’s Motel, and headed out for a short evening trip. By the time I got everyone rigged up and ready to go it was about 4:30 and the sun was fading fast. We made the short paddle to a spot I had picked out and quickly got our lines in the water. We didn’t get to fish long, but we still managed a few Reds on the Queen Cocahoe bouncing it over some shell beds in around 3 feet of water. When the sun was gone we checked in for the night.

The next morning we headed out again and were unfortunately greeted with a 20+ mph south wind. The tide was high and the water was chocolate brown in the bay. We fished hard all day and blew out numerous fish, but with the chop and the water clarity the signs were nearly impossible to read. We settled for working some known structure with a gulp under a popping cork. This yielded some rat reds, but nothing much to write home about. Exhausted from fighting the breeze all day we packed up around 5 and headed into town for a quick bite to eat before making the trek back home.

On the following Wednesday I returned to Matagorda for a solo trip, hoping the fish would still be around and praying that the conditions would be more favorable. Man, did that decision pay off big time. I was on the water by 7 am and spent the next five hours casting at crawlers in a huge chain of shallow back lakes. The fish were very picky and pretty spooky. I ended up blowing out way more fish than I put in the boat, but I managed a nice limit. I tried a number of tactics to get more hookups, but as is normally the case with picky Reds, all they wanted was a Buggs Curl Tail.

All of my fish were found on protected shore lines working in and out of the grass feeding on shrimp. If they weren’t completely exposed they would always
give themselves away by making a huge wake and leaving a trail of jumping shrimp behind them.

I called it a day around 2 pm in order to get back home and finish up a few “honey-do’s” before attending the Houston Fishing Show for the rest of the week. I had a great break in Matagorda and was very thankful for the opportunity to get outside and enjoy God’s creation!

Wind Tide Weather Baro Depth Bottom Lures
SE @ 10 Incoming w/Avg Differential Overcast Steady <1 ft Mud Buggs Curl Tail