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LSKS #3 for 2015

IMG_0980Yesterday was the third LSKS event of 2015. This event has a few conflicts with people fishing in the BWKC and a few pre fishing for the IFA, but there was still a strong turn out with a total of 101 anglers. If you are looking for an organized tournament, that is well run and offers plenty of opportunities for some great gear, even if you don’t catch the biggest fish, then you should really consider signing up for these events. Dustin Koreba does a great job, and puts a ton of effort into running a quality tournament.

So I have been trying a few new spots over the past weeks trying to find a location that didn’t require me to spend 6 hours on the road for tournament day. My efforts were to no avail. All I had been able to find were small fish and lots of them. About mid-week I started to realize why there were never any other kayakers launching in these locations. On Wednesday night I started sending messages to a few buddies who had been fishing familiar water and their reports were as bleak and dismal as mine. So by Friday morning I realized I had no choice. . .I’m going in blind!

I spent most of the day Friday on google earth scanning the Texas coastline looking for something that fit the description. Now everyone has a different opinion of what makes the perfect redfish spot, but just for reference this is what mine looks like. . .

  • Marsh – I am a shallow water sight caster and the marsh is where I want to stay
  • Access to deeper water – fish need access to deeper water, the closer the better
  • Transitional cuts – I like to see a few deep cuts in between several back lakes
  • Current – Look for shell and grass  to pinch the water and increase current flow
  • Structure – Again, shell and grass shorelines, places redfish can ambush from

I arrived at my launch earlier than expected, it was about 4:45 when I pulled in and I was the only one there. That quickly changed and by 5:15 there were 5 of us loaded up waiting on the 6 o’clock buzzer. At 6 am sharp I was off and paddling hoping to make it to my first stop before the sun cracked the horizon. Upon arrival the water was like glass and so I elected to tie on a SS Jr since it is considerably quieter than my Skitterwalk. On my third cast I was rewarded with a huge “CHUG” and it was off to the races.

IMG_0975The fight had not gone on very long when I came to the realization that this fish was not going to be in the slot. He went on 5 big runs and took half of my spool with him each time. After something close to 15 minutes I had my personal best redfish on the deck. He tipped out at just over 33”. The crazy thing about this catch, as soon as I grabbed onto my SS, the hook he was IMG_0986caught on pulled completely out of the back of my lure! One more run and he would have probably been gone. I snapped some pictures and let him go. Happy that I set a personal record, but disappointed that it wasn’t a really nice SLOT red.

I moved on to start fishing some shell reefs and found the pattern that would hold true for the rest of the day. Most fish were cruising the reefs and were mixed in with multiple black drum and sheepshead. In order to pick them out you would have to sit side saddle and just wait on the reds to show themselves. Later in the afternoon they began to school up and as the birds would find them so would I. For the last hour or so I chased birds and pulled singles from the outside edges of schools. Unfortunately, I was never able to find an upper slot fish. I finished the day with a 22 ¾” and one that was barely legal. Out of 10 fish those were the only two slot reds I caught all day.

Overall, yeIMG_0984sterday was a great day to be on the water. I finished just out of the money, 28th, with 7.5 lbs and I set a new redfish PR on my kayak. Exploring a new location was fun and finding a few fish along the way made it even better. Hopefully my pointers for finding a new fishing hole using google earth will both help and inspire you to get out there a trying something new. There is one more event in the 2015 LSKS on October 3rd. If you’re interested then follow this link www.lonestarkayakseries.com to get registered. I hope to see you there!

And by the way, congratulations to all the anglers who were able to find ’em yesterday. It only takes one cast. . .well, technically two!

Wind Tide Weather Baro Depth Bottom Lures
8 MPH Outgoing w/Avg Differential Partly Cloudy Rising 6”-2 ft Mixed Mud & Shell  SS Jr                KFM  Hunchback


  1. Ozzy Strempel

    August 16, 2015 at 11:32 pm

    Good write up man, I am in the Katy area as well and dint want to drive to far either. I’ll be doing the same here soon as far as looking for new spots to fish. Thanks for the help.

    • Sorry about the REALLY late reply. I am still getting used to WordPress notifications. Thanks for checking out my site. Seems like I am always in search of new water and bigger fish. . .guess that’s why we call it fishing. I hope I gave you some ideas for executing an “armchair” search. Good luck out there!

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