When I first started fishing the salt my experience cleaning fish was very limited. I had only really prepared catfish for the table and so I had quite a bit of learning to do. The only thing I really knew going in was that I didn’t want to use an electric knife. I know, I know, I know, an electric fillet knife means less time at the cleaning station, but I rarely keep enough fish for it to be a huge chore anyway. Besides, in all of my years as an outdoorsman I have always been taught the old school way of doing things.

Well as you can imagine, cleaning trout came pretty easy. Redfish were a little bit more of a challenge with their tough scales and rib cage, but then one day I put the elusive flat fish in the boat. Being new to the game I had no idea where to even begin and so I did what every child of the up and coming technology age does. . .I “youtubed” it! I went to the first video I found, tried it, liked it and never turned back.

I always assumed I cleaned flounder like everyone else. That is until one day a gentleman approached me at the fillet table and asked what I was doing. I gave him that “here’s your sign” look and said, “cleaning fish”. He continued to watch me and then began to mimic me with his own flounder. We chatted for a while and when he had finished he proceeded to tell me that I had changed his life.

After that day I began to ask a few of the guys I fish with how they fillet flounder. Each and every one had their own tricks of the trade, but they were all pretty similar. None of them however, did it quite like I do. This being the case I thought I would share the video that I watched on that first day.

Before you view the video I should let you know that I did go ahead and purchase the specific knife that Captain Russo sells. (There will be a review coming soon on my gear page) All of his videos are pretty good and his recipes are even better. Please enjoy the video and maybe his method will change your life, well at least your flounder fillets, as well.